Mississippi Veteran might bring lawsuit against American Airlines over service dog


DIAMONDHEAD, Miss. (WJTV) – A disabled, Mississippi veteran is now considering a lawsuit against American Airlines; claiming a worker harassed and embarrassed the veteran while trying to board a flight with her service dog.

It happened in 2015, when Army veteran Lisa McCombs was attempting to board a flight from Kansas with her chocolate lab “Jake”.

Lisa was diagnosed with PTSD after serving tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jake helps her stress and anxiety.

The veteran claims an American airlines worker made jokes about the dog flying with her and said Jake didn’t have the proper paperwork to fly.

After multiple calls and 48 hours of waiting, Lisa and Jake were finally able to board a flight home.

“He comes to me, presses his body tightly against me, licks my face. He’s a calming mechanism for me to be able to cope with my disability. So he did exactly what he was supposed to do,” said McCombs.

Jake was upgraded from a service dog to a medical alert dog which doesn’t require any documentation to fly.

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