Search continues for block party shooting suspect

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – New cell phone video shows the terrifying moments after shots rang out during a block party in Jackson.

The Jackson Police Department is still looking for the shooter who left six innocent people hurt.

In that video, you can see several people seemingly running for their lives.

It was a fight that led to that shooting and now police are doing everything they can to find the man seen in that shocking footage.

“It was a senseless act. It’s from a fight, just a regular fistfight.”

A bird’s eye view shows the dozens of people running up Lorenz Street after a man started shooting into a crowd of people there.

“It supposed to be just a celebration for the homecoming, and a handgun was displayed an innocent lives were hurt. It could’ve been worse someone could’ve lost their life due to this,” said Chelsea Gross with the Jackson Police Department.

While the event did go on during Jackson State University’s homecoming weekend, campus leaders tell us this was not a university sanctioned event, and they had nothing to do with it.

Police say the shooters willingness to hurt whoever was in sight, makes getting him off the streets a priority.

“It could’ve been any of us. If you want to call and you can call anonymously. You don’t have to say who you are just information would be helpful,” said Gross.

Investigators have received several tips so far, but they still have not been able to name the shooter.

“If the public has any information that they can share with us so that we can get the guy off the streets that would be great. We did release a video, and that’s evidence enough to be able to prosecute this guy, but it’s important if the community would work with us and any information that they have just give us a call,” said Gross.

Some witnesses say the party was hosted by a local fraternity.

We have reached out to members of that organization and we were told that they would send a statement.

We have not received that statement at this time.

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