Urn filled with ashes stolen from Simpson County home

SIMPSON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — A Simpson County man arrived at his home Wednesday night to find his back door broken into.

But what hurt him the most is what thieves stole.
He said they stole an urn with his wife’s ashes. She died from cancer in 2012.

Steve Batton caught the thieves on his deer camera. Simpson county investigators are working to identify them.

We’re told they broke into his home on Peacock Road. They also got away with two rifles and some other tools.

Batton said the first thing noticed was that his wife’s ashes were not on the couch.
“Pretty much where she sat at watching TV,” he said. “And you know she had been sick for a good bit. And I said well i’ll just put her back on the couch.”

Batton called WJTV Friday afternoon to let us know he found the ashes in a plastic bag not far from his home. He believes the thieves did keep the urn.

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