Madison Police: Bomb threat suspect taken into custody, no explosives found

Photo Credit: Patti Reid, special to WJTV and used with permission

UPDATE: 11/07/2016 11:45am  Captain Kevin Newman of the Madison Police Department is confirming that a bomb threat was called in to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office earlier this morning.  The suspect who called in the threat was located next to his vehicle.  Both were searched.  No explosives were found.

The full text of the release reads as follows:

“On Monday, November 7, 2016, at approximately 8:20 AM, the Madison Police Department received a call from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office advising of information they had obtained from an individual who had telephoned the sheriff’s office and advised he was located in the parking lot of the Madison Wal-Mart and that he and his vehicle were laced with explosives.  The vehicle was described as a 4-door Gold Saturn sedan.

Police Officers were immediately dispatched to the scene and arrived at 8:22 AM.  Immediately upon their arrival the individual in question was observed standing next to the vehicle.  The individual approached the officers with his hands raised.  The officers were able to determine that the subject did not have explosives on his person and took him into custody without incident.

The north parking lot of the Wal-Mart Shopping Center was evacuated and a security perimeter was established around the suspect vehicle.  Additionally, a portion of Grandview Boulevard was closed.  Federal law enforcement resources were contacted as well as the Clinton Police Department Bomb Squad.  At approximately 10:00 AM the Clinton Police Department Bomb Squad arrived on the scene and began an assessment of the suspect vehicle.  Using robotic and other equipment the Bomb Squad was able to determine that the vehicle was safe at 10:53 AM.  No explosives were found. 

The subject taken into custody has been placed under mental evaluation as mental health and/or substance abuse issues may be a factor in this event.  If criminal charges are brought against the individual he will be identified at that time.

The Madison Police Department thanks the first responders who participated in the safe and successful conclusion of this event.  These agencies included the F.B.I., the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Clinton Police Department, the Mississippi Department of Corrections, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, the Madison Fire Department, and Pafford EMS.”

Original Story:

MADISON, Mississippi (WJTV) – Police and emergency response vehicles are blocking traffic on Grandview Drive in Madison.

Heavy traffic delays are reported in the vicinity. Police appear to have closed entrances to stores there before 9:00am this morning.

WJTV is on the scene but officials have not yet released any information about exactly what is happening there.

Witnesses say that traffic is backed up on MS 463 at Grandview and that police continue to block off entrances to the shopping center.

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