Runoff races expected for some Hinds County positions

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Inside the Hinds County Courthouse, District 4 Election Commissioner Connie Cochran and others poured over election results.

The numbers are unofficial. They’re still waiting to certify all the absentee and affidavits, but it already looks like a runoff in three districts for election commissioner.

The close races are in District 1 with Evelyn Reed taking the lead, James Reed in second and Ineva May-Pittman trailing in third.

In District 2, Bobbie McClure Graves has the lead with nearly 50 percent of the vote. She declined an interview with us Wednesday. Toni Johnson is in second at last check with about 29 percent of the vote.

“We’re down here just going through the process just making sure the integrity is preserved but it’s likely that we will have a runoff but not certain,” Johnson said.

The winning candidate has to have 50 percent of the vote plus one.

District 2 Candidate Artis Johnson has about 21 percent of the vote.

“it was an honor to run, and you haven’t seen the last of me,” he said.

There were a few problems; voters got a late start in one precinct, in another, two of the ballot scanners had to be rebooted.

Eventually, everything was counted, but it was a late night, with precinct one reporting around midnight. Cochran says poll workers there were trying to accept absentees in the electronic poll book which is unnecessary.
It also didn’t work.

“There was a misunderstanding in the procedure. They had done everything, but they thought they had to do another step which was unnecessary and once we contacted them they closed everything down and brought it in. It was just a misunderstanding in the procedure.”

District 5 may also see a runoff. There are four candidates there Ebony Cooper has about 34 percent of the vote with Connie Little trailing at about 30 percent and Ella Beecham-Green in third with 21 percent.

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