3 arrested in connection with Hinds County house burglaries

Left to Right: Lee, Pinkston, Owen (Photos: Hinds County Sheriff's Dept.)

HINDS COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — Three people were arrested Thursday in connection with a couple of house burglaries.

Sheriff Victor Mason said one of the victims is an investigator for the sheriff’s department.

Authorities arrested 21-year-old Deundre Pinkston, 18-year-old Kourvaci Lee, 21-year-old Davoris Owen. Pinkston is charged with two counts of house burglary. Lee is charged with one count of house burglary and auto burglary. Owens is facing a receiving stolen property charge.

Deputies said Pinkston burglarized an investigator’s home Wednesday on W. Northside Drive. Thursday, Pinkston and Lee allegedly broke into another home on the same street. A car was burglarized on N. Norrell Road also.

Owens was found later with an iPhone 6 that was taken from the car that was burglarized.

Other stolen property, including three TVs, a weed eater, a leaf blower, and clothes, was also recovered.

Pinkston and Lee allegedly went door-to-door offering to rake yards. If no one was home, the suspects kicked in the door and burglarized the house. They also looked inside vehicles for items to steal, deputies said.

“We’ve seen this M.O. before,” said Sheriff Mason. “Criminals who case neighborhoods by pretending to be looking for yard work. Too bad these three didn’t actually intend to do an honest day’s work,” he added. “Instead, they found out the old saying is true: Crime doesn’t pay.”

The three men are being held at the Raymond jail.

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