Belhaven woman upset after note with racial slur, #Trump16 left on car

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — A Belhaven woman found a note with a racial slur on her car this week, and it referenced the presidential election.

WJTV spoke to the woman and neighbors in the area where the note was found.

Thursday morning, Caitlin Johnson found the wrinkled piece of paper on her windshield. She says the words reflect a reality that everyone should know about.

“First I was upset,” she said. “I’m a very emotional person, and I cried. and then just got angry.”

The note referred to her as a racial slur, an said #Trump16.

“Don’t be such a coward,” she said. “Like if you were bold enough to put it on my car, you can be bold enough to say it to my face.”
“I have white friends, I have black friends, I have gay friends, I have straight friends. I don’t judge people and for somebody to not even get the chance to know me and put out such hatred towards me because I’m black is very appalling.”

She posted the note to Facebook, and she says she’s mostly gotten positive feedback and hundreds of comments.

“I just want people to know that it’s not right, and that’s the reason I posted it, to show people that there’s still ugly in the world.”

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