Jackson Car Burglary Caught on Camera

JACKSON, Miss. – An early morning car burglary was caught on camera.

Now Jackson police are investigating.

For that homeowner it was disturbing to watch, two young men walking onto his property armed with handguns all while he was inside the home.

“I guess they were just wondering around the neighborhood trying to see what they could come up with and they got lucky,” the homeowner said.

For the second time in one year a Jackson man says he has been burglarized.

“I noticed that someone had been rambling through my daughter’s car and I just went back and looked at my surveillance tape and saw these two teenagers walking through with pistols in their hands,” the man said.

In the surveillance video you can see two armed young men walking down the street then up to the homeowner’s driveway on Nov. 9 around 4:15 in the morning.

“I knew it was teenagers stealing radios and change out the car is one thing, but when you go to start walking around with pistols in your hand then you move into another whole arena,” the man explained.

The homeowner has filed a report with Jackson Police he says his main concern was the fact that the young men had guns during the burglary.

“I don’t want them to get hurt, I’ve got children and you know somebody needs to get to them and let them know that that’s not the way to go definitely playing with these pistols,” he said.

The man says other cars in his neighborhood were also burglarized and he has a message for the two responsible.

“Find you another hustle, this one ain’t going to last too long,” the homeowner expressed.

Now according to the homeowner J.P.D. detectives told him today that they have an idea of just who the burglarers may be but no arrests have been made.

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