Mom builds crosses in honor of son who died in Leake County accident

LEAKE COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — A deadly stretch of road in Leake County is finally seeing repairs.

It’s the same two-lane highway where 18-year-old Austin Morrow was killed nearly a year ago.

“I just stopped in the middle of the drive coming into the hospital and Robert Adkinson was the police officer with the highway patrol, and he told me, ma’am, I’m sorry, he didn’t make it. It’s the worst thing ever.”

Pamela Morrow has the night of November 28, 2015, burned in memory.

“My phone started blowing up, and his very best friend’s mother called me. She was saying Pamela Austin’s had a wreck is he okay? I just freaked out I’m not going to lie to you I just freaked out.”

After dealing with the initial shock, she found a way to deal with her grief.

“I sand, and I cut with a little electric chainsaw, and I build crosses all day long.”

Large cedar wood crosses like the one she has on her son’s grave.

“It’s called the hunky cross because Austin’s nickname is Hunky.”

“I have two or three people stop in every day whether it’s for family members in the past that they want to honor or if it’s for a pet that they lost.”

The money she makes goes into a scholarship fund for Austin at Leake Academy, where he attended school and played football.

She says the process has become very therapeutic.

“When I open up and tell people the meaning behind it, I’ve had people open up and tell me their stories of their families and stuff and family members that they’ve lost, and it’s sad, but it helps.”

The road where her son had his deadly accident has since been repaved with a gripping asphalt.

“You can tell the difference in the way it’s like a grip it’s like a grip.”

She says she’s thankful the changes to Highway 488 have been made. She just hates it had to take her son’s life to do it.

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