Dodging Deer: Mississippi in top 10 for deer collisions

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — November is the number one month for deer collisions.

Mississippi is in the top 10 states where you are most likely to hit a deer.

Mississippi has more than 3,000 deer-related crashes every year.
While there is no sure way to keep from becoming a victim, there are ways to make sure you’re prepared if it happens to you.

“Be observant the deer you see is not the one you hit the deer you don’t see is usually the one you hit because they move in herds.”

Don Bass said during dusk and dawn, deer are most active.
“Deer are creatures of habit you see them in the same places, or you see the signs,” he said.

Bass said deer collisions are covered under comprehensive claims which cover incidents beyond your control. But what you may not know is when you swerve around the deer and wreck into something else, then it becomes a collision claim.

“Don’t try to swerve when you see one to miss it I have more people hurt or damaged greater doing that than proceeding down the highway safely.”

State Farm reports the average cost for a deer collision is around $4,000.

Here are some rules to follow:

Use your bright lights at night when you can

Slow down when you see one deer because more will usually follow.

Buckle up and drive the speed limit.

“Cars we can fix, he said.

Insurance agents also recommend filing a police report if you’re involved in an accident because it’s best always to have proof.

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