Family of shooting victim upset about MS Supreme Court order

Tammy Stuckey


FLORENCE, MS (WJTV) – The family of Tamra Stuckey is speaking out against the state’s high court order to give Charles Kuebler a new trial.

In 2011, Kuebler was convicted of deliberate-design murder in Stuckey’s death. Stuckey was shot at an apartment in Jackson in 2010.

Kuebler was sentenced to life in prison, but after five years of battling a judge’s ruling, the Mississippi Supreme Court has ordered him to receive a new trial.

The court ruled that Hinds County Judge Winston Kidd wrongfully denied Kuebler a chance to explain his side of the story. Also, Kidd was wrong to allow prosecutors to tell jurors Kuebler fled while out on bond.

Brad Berryhill, Stuckey’s brother, said he believes the reason why Kuebler is getting a new trial is because of privilege.

“All this stuff keeps coming back up every year, so we never get any justice,” said Berryhill. “It’s all because his dad has money.”

“All the evidence pointed to him killing her, and that’s why he was sentenced, that’s the bottom line,” Berryhill added.

No date has been set for Kuebler’s trial.


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