Jackson council talks about downtown parking meters

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — If you work in or visit Downtown Jackson you could see an increase in parking meter fees and possibly tickets.

The Jackson City Council brought the issue up Tuesday at the council meeting.

No decisions have been made yet; more questions were raised a the meeting. Council members table the issue.
They talked about a proposed contract between the city and Hudson and Associates LLC.

The St. Louis-based company has offered the city new parking meters at no upfront costs to the city.

Tuesday, the council, focused on the wording of the contract and also an increase in meters. The company wants to add about 200 meters around the city, but no one seemed to know where they would go.

Some neighbors voiced their frustration with the proposal.

“To contract this out, you’re losing a lot of money,” a resident said. “Everything in the City of Jackson can be fixed if anyone wants to fix it or repair it.”

When pressed, Mayor Tony Yarber didn’t go into details of how many jobs would be available for Jacksonians.

“Yeah, I think what we also heard is that this company is also bringing with it opportunities to see two or three additional divisions added. So we’re talking about more jobs that are being added to this particular operation,” Yarber said.

The city says they will get a minimum payment of $250,008 annually from the contract with Judson.

“I applaud what you’re trying to do,” Ben Allen said of Downtown Jackson Partners. Allen supports the upgrade and though he said he’d not surveyed Downtown businesses to see how they feel. He also said he’d gotten no pushback.

The city says they make about $180,000 annually from meters. They cost the city about $80,000 for labor and supplies.

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