CN Railroad permanently closes Walter Dutch Welch Drive

Photo Courtesy: Associated Press

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The Canadian National Railroad will permanently close the Walter Dutch Welch Drive railroad underpass next to Livingston Road.

The closure starts Friday. They said it’s necessary due for several reasons.

City officials said the bridge had suffered repeated hits from over-height vehicles that have disregarded the posted low clearance signs of 8’3”, which was reduced in the past year to 7’6”.

Some of the hits have been with enough force to knock the train tracks out of alignment causing the railroad to stop train traffic to make immediate repairs.

Also, the bridge is at an age that CN needs to replace the bridge.

A replacement bridge meeting current rail loading standards would require structure changes that would reduce the clear height under the bridge to approximately 7’0”.

At that height, some pickup trucks would not be able to use the underpass, and the bridge would be more prone to vehicle hits.

Officials said Walter Dutch Welch Drive would remain open from Parkway Avenue to the Grove Park Golf Course. The City has posted signs to encourage traffic heading from Livingston Road to the Grove Park area to use Ridgeway Street and Parkway Avenue.

Drivers should use streets instead of Walter Dutch Welch Drive as part of their daily travel routines.

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