Mother shaves head for daughter diagnosed with cancer

Roslind Gordon and her daughter Rahnesha

EDWARDS, Miss. (WJTV) – An Edwards mom is caring for her sich daughter in more ways than one. Roslind Gordon’s 16-year-old daughter, Rahnesha has been battling apppenidx cancer since September.

Two weeks ago, chemotherapy caused Gordon to start losing her hair.

Her mom didn’t want her to be alone. So, she called up a friend with clippers and took her own hair cutting  experience to Facebook live.

“At the end of the day people are going to talk regardless. But hey, she’s beautiful to me,” Gordon said about her daughter.

Roslind says with no cancer history in their family, she never thought her daughter would be diagnosed with the disease, “We’re talking about someone who has never been sick other than a common cold.”

The strong mother of three says she’s always wanted to make her children feel comfortable. So, she went the extra mile when Rahnesha started chemo-therapy.

“I told her if you lose your hair, don’t you want me to cut mine too? She was like yea. At first I was joking, but when I saw she was serious, I was like it’s something i’ll do.”

Gordon says the message she wanted to send to her daughter was received.

Rahnesha is currently in her second of three rounds of chemo-therapy.

Her mom says she’ll keep her hair cut until Rahnesha’s grows back.

“This happened so that we can get to something else. What? We don’t know. But we’ll just wait and see,” said Gordon.

Rah-nesha is currently being home schooled. But she is scheduled to return to class at Raymond High School after the first of the year.

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