Longtime Hinds County Election Commissioner loses race

Connie Cochran lost to Yvonne Robinson Horton in District 4 race

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — As the Hinds County Election Commission gets ready for a runoff election, there’s one long-time commissioner who just missed a run-off herself and will no longer hold the position.

Dozens of boxes line the halls near the Hinds County Election Commissioners Office.

All the votes have been certified.

“Every day since the election- verifying affidavits, accepting absentees or rejecting them, counting them, scanning them,” said Connie Cochran, Election Commissioner, District 4.

The ballots from the general election are taken out of these large bins from the polling machines– and put into boxes to be stored away.
The large boxes along the wall will be used to hold the new ballots in next week’s runoff election.

“We have three runoffs, in District 1, 2 and 5. In District 3, Zakiya Summers won outright. In District 4, which is my district, I lost by 112 votes.”

Yvonne Robinson Horton will take the position in District 4. Cochran has been the Election Commissioner in that district for the last 24 years.

“It’s just been a part of my life, and you know, when one door closes another one opens. So I’m just waiting to see what the next chapter brings.”

Cochran’s last day as commissioner is December 31.

“It’s a learning curve for the new ones coming in. They’ll have to dig in, learn the job and move forward.

Cochran says the office plans to work through the Thanksgiving holiday to get everything ready for next Tuesday. She’s urging everyone to get out and vote.

“I can’t stress to the voters just how important this job is. They need to go vote for somebody that has the qualities in order to conduct an election, that has the interest and dedication to put into this job.”

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