Clinton Police starting ‘LOL’ campaign — Lock it Or Lose it

Lock your car doors to cut down on car burglaries

CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) — Drivers won’t be laughing out loud if they don’t follow along with Clinton’s new LOL campaign.

LOL, which stands for Lock it Or Lose it, was created to cut down on the number of car burglaries that happen when drivers leave their vehicle doors unlocked.

“Most vehicle break-ins and residential burglaries are crimes of opportunities, and if a vehicle or building is locked, a criminal will usually move on,” Chief Ford Hayman noted. “Locking car doors will substantially decrease the likelihood of being victimized. Of the 150 auto burglaries in the city over the last year, only one crime has involved forced entry through broken windows’”

Clinton Police said crime stats show significant reductions in residential and auto burglaries from over 300 in 2013 to just over 150 in the most recent 12 months.

Clinton Police will be working with shopping centers to promote the LOL campaign during the holiday season.
Chief Hayman said if residents actively participate in the Lock it or Lose it campaign, the community could potentially eliminate property crimes.

“Every day, the hard-working men and women of the Clinton Police Department are out there in force doing their best to keep crime down,” Chief Ford Hayman noted. “Oftentimes, though, it is the partnership with the public that helps get us the results.”

During the next month stickers, flyers and signs in local businesses and neighborhoods will begin reminding locals to lock their car and secure their valuables.

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