Deputy speaks about finding missing kangaroo in Rankin County

(WJTV) — If you saw a Kangaroo hopping down Highway 49 Tuesday, you weren’t imagining things.

A Kangaroo named Boomer escaped from his home in Rankin County, but he’s been found safe.
He was reported missing around 5 p.m. and found around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Rankin County Deputy Zach Acy explained what happened.
A passerby called the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department after spotting Boomer.
“We arrived on scene, and sure enough there was Boomer in a driveway by the cemetery close to 49 on Star Road,” Acy said.

“The owner of the kangaroo arrived and got out of his vehicle with a bottle in his hand, like a baby bottle and walked down the driveway to Boomer. He asked him if he wanted the bottle. On the second time he said do you want the bottle, the kangaroo came right to him and started sipping on the bottle.”

“The owner picked boomer up like a baby.”

He spent nearly 12 hours wandering the woods.

Deputy Acy said he has never gotten a call like this.

“Not at all,” he said. “Nothing at all like it. I told them last night I bet this is the first and last time we see anything like this.”

Boomer is a privately owned kangaroo. He’s not an inherently dangerous animal, so there’s no Mississippi law restricting people from keeping him. Still, he got out of his cage somehow.

The owners said they’d secure the cages and add cameras.

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