What’s Working: Clinton High students & The Pretzel Café

CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) — Some folks like it sweet, others like it salty.

Chocolate pretzels combine the best of both worlds.

Students at Clinton High School are selling pretzels by the bagful and learning a valuable lesson along the way.

The Pretzel Café is a school-based enterprise, and thanks to a grant from the Mississippi Council for Economic Education, Occupational Diploma students at Clinton High can keep on creating the treats for school years to come.

Whether they’re making them or eating them, pretzel days are good days at Clinton High School.

Grace Harris teaches Occupational Diploma students.

“It’s a lot of work, but they get it done, and we’re really excited about that,” Harris said.

“I’ve learned how to budget money, and learned how to maybe want to create my own business or be my own manager,” said Sandie Bass, who is a Senior and a manager.

In this classroom, there are managers, transporters, dippers, baggers, and tiers.

Paige Hutchinson is also an Occupational Diploma teacher.

“They’re experiencing and learning task completion. They get to work with money. They get to learn how to work a cash register,” she said.

As these students approach graduation, experience gained here should literally pay off.

“It prepares them for the transition from high school to work, and hopefully from high school to possibly owning and operating their own business,” Harris said. “That’s our goal.”

The pretzels are a big hit.

“The students here love ’em. The teachers here love ’em. So again, supply and demand, here, they learn about that,” Paige said.

The grant money from the Mississippi Council for Economic Education will be used, in part, to buy a new microwave and refrigerator that will be used in the pretzel making process.

Money raised from pretzel sales can also be used for student field trips.

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