Cooking tips for Thanksgiving Day

Don't let your Thanksgiving dinner go up in flames

(WJTV) — Millions will be cooking up Thanksgiving dinner Thursday. WJTV wants to remind you of a few safety tips.

Clinton Fire Chief Jeff Blackledge said one of the biggest issues they see is people leaving pots unattended on the stove.

“If you’re frying something, always make sure that you have a lid that will cover that pan,” he said. “So if it does flare up you can put that lid over the top of that frying pan and suffocate the fire and put it out.”

If your oven catches fire,” Blackledge says to turn it off and keep the oven closed.

“That will take the air away from it, and that fire will go out,” he said.

But before you put a single pot on the stove, you should do some housekeeping.

“Dirty stoves that have big, thick grease build up and everything, those things are very susceptible to catching fire,” he said.
The holiday season is typically the fire department’s busiest year. The chief will have a full staff working Thanksgiving.

Just a reminder, the state is still under a burn ban despite the small rain Wednesday.

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