Australia’s Daniel’s McConnell being called a hero

(WJTV) The name Daniel McConnell is quickly sweeping the Internet this Thanksgiving in the United States after giving an interview with Australian television reporter Jess Millward on Australia’s 9 News’ “The Today Show.”

The Aussie said he was woken up by his wife who heard a crash next door at a store owned by the mother of a friend of his – his “mate’s mum.” He confronted the driver who allegedly hit the shop and the man took off.



Reporter Millward laughed when he told her that he went after the man in his “jocks” and his “little purple car.”  McConnell dressed in a Ford Motor Company shirt and pants for the interview.

Police caught the driver.  No injuries were reported.


Check out what some are calling the “Aussiest interview ever:”
Brisbane Man in Jocks Chases Down Driver








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