Shots fired near Lindale Street in Clinton; 1 arrested for drugs

Cortrell Henderson (Photo: Clinton PD)

CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) — A Clinton resident is jailed for possession of drugs.

Clinton police arrested 19-year-old Cortrell Henderson Wednesday night at his Lindale Street home.

Police initially went to the house around 5:57 p.m. after receiving reports of shots fired in the area. When they arrived, Henderson was sitting in his yard bleeding from his left foot. There were also bullet holes in his vehicle.

Photo: Clinton PD
Photo: Clinton PD

Henderson thought he had been shot, but they were able to determine that he stepped on broken glass at the scene which caused him to bleed. He was treated at the scene.

When officers tried to take his statement about what happened, they said his statement was inconsistent with the evidence and other witnesses at the scene.

They decided to get a search warrant for his home and followed a blood trail to Henderson’s bedroom closet. They found a small safe with two handguns, marijuana, and a felony amount of promethazine-codeine syrup.

Henderson was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance with a firearm and misdemeanor possession of marijuana with a firearm.

No bond has been set at this time. They are still investigating this incident.

Witness statements identified additional suspects to be in a light-colored sedan. Detective’s suspect Henderson opened fired on the passengers of the sedan who opened fire on him.

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