High Winds Bring Down Trees

JACKSON, Miss. – Monday afternoon’s round of severe weather brought high winds leaving behind damage.

Mary Anderson has lived at the corner of Florence and Valley Street in Jackson for 50 years, but she never imagined her home being damaged in a storm.

“Well I was in the den and I heard a noise I thought it was thundering,” Anderson said.

The noise was a tree crashing into her home, two cars, and her backyard storage shed.

“I got here just as quick as I could and she was a little hysterical her feelings are hurt and we understand,” Anderson’s daughter Charity Wright said.

In another part of Jackson a few homes were without power when this tree toppled, blocking the road and taking down power lines.

“I did get a call around 2:30 to tell me that some lines were down and to be careful entering the house,” Virginia Bolden, who was without power told WJTV.

Over in Rankin County a family came home to a tree on their roof and water damage to inside of their home.

In Warren County a woman was rescued from her home by neighbors when a tree crashed through her home.

Tomorrow recovery will be underway, so far no severe injuries or deaths have been reported.

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