What’s Working: G.I. Jane

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Through hard work, healthy eating and lots and lots of water, a Jackson woman has sculpted one the most impressive physiques you’ll see in all of Mississippi.

Natascha Donald is on the verge of earning her International Federation of BodyBuilders Pro Card, but she is much more than bulging quads and a tiny waist. She is on a mission to make others healthy and happy.

Natascha Donald looks right at home in the gym. Her technique is flawless. Her power, impossible to ignore. Not too long ago, she was a depressed, broke, single mom, who was coming out of an abusive relationship and putting on weight.

“The gym became a sanctuary to me, and then as I started to lose the weight,” she said. “I fell in love with the process, and that’s when I was actually able to find what my calling was.”

That cause is uplifting women, getting them to let go of the past, eat healthily and embrace their strength.

She wasn’t about to let alopecia stop her. Her trainer and better half came up with a nickname that stuck.

“So when I came to the gym, this bald head, and my military bag, he was like ‘G.I. Jane’, and I was like, you know what, I kind of like that.”

G.I. Jane spreads her message of fitness online and in person.

“I go to different high schools,” she said. “I talk to the kids. I train the kids. I train the whole family. You know, mommas, daddies, so I’m always talking about it, posting about it, because this is really a big deal for me, this really is a passion.”

Natascha calls herself a life coach instead of a trainer. She’ll go grocery shopping with clients, plan meals, call to check on them. Seeing them transform is her favorite part.

“That Christmas morning feeling,” she said. “That’s what it feels like to see people just cry and shed that layer, and really become the person that they are supposed to be, that feeling never gets old. It never gets old.”

She hopes to start a fine restaurant that features seasoned, healthy and portioned food. She also pushing for more sidewalks in Jackson.

G.I. Jane also has brains too. She earned a Psychology Degree from Ole Miss.

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