Woman’s car falls into pothole in Jackson

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – While on her way home to report a water main break on Main Street, turning in her driveway, Patricia Ellis thought she hit a puddle.

That’s when her can sank into a pothole.

Ellis says the “puddle” was about an eight foot deep pothole that opened up Saturday morning in front of her home.

Her husband Donnell is a mechanic and had to pull the car out of the hole.

“I drove it yesterday and I do have a little damage in my front end so I probably will have to take it to a transmission specialist or somewhere like that to get it checked out,” says Donnell.

Patricia says Main Street is on the list to be repaired. She claims the street was repaired Sunday after posting photos of the hole on social media.

“They need to take this more seriously than what it’s actually doing, not because it’s time to vote…I don’t need people running out here because it’s time to vote. I don’t need to talk to anybody else I just need the street to be fixed,” says Patricia.

She’s filed a police report and plans to file a damage report with the city Monday.


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