Boat ramps on The Rez reopen

FILE PHOTO: Barnett Reservoir

(WJTV) — Boat ramps at the Ross Barnett Reservoir have reopened due to rising water levels.

Some of them had to be closed because the water levels had fallen well below normal levels due to a months-long drought.

John Sigman, General Manager of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District, the state agency that oversees the operation of the lake near Jackson, said the level should continue to rise.

“We should see an increase in the amount of inflow into the lake over the next week, which means the lake will continue to rise,” he said, adding that the outflow at the dam would remain at a minimum. “The ramps are reopening today. However, we caution boaters to remain vigilant while putting in and pulling out at the ramps, and while running on the lake. The lake is still over a foot lower than normal, putting more obstacles near the surface.”

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