Firefighter who rescued man from burning home speaks

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — One man is getting a second chance at life after his home burns down with him inside. A Jackson firefighter who rescued him is being called a hero.

Stories like this one don’t usually have a happy ending. Saturday morning, Fire Station 14 responded to a house fire on Lea Street. Minutes later, they found someone trapped inside.

“You think you’re going to an ordinary fire and you find out someone is trapped and your whole mode changes,” said Andy Vickers, the JFD firefighter who made the rescue.

“The whole house is on fire,” he said. “I mean his room was the only one that wasn’t on fire so I mean he might have had a minute two minutes until his room. When we got him out of the house his room went up in flames.”

The man was trapped inside between a wall of fire and security bars on the windows. Vickers was able to pry open those bars and get the man out before his room filled with flames.

“At this time the family of that individual they’re not preparing for a funeral, but they are preparing for Christmas at this time,” Cleotha Sander said, of JFD.

While some have called him a hero, Vickers humbly says he’s just doing the job he always wanted to do.

“Once we got him out of the house and handed him over to AMR we went back to fighting fires,” he said.

At last check, the man inside the building is still in the hospital. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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