Mother of Pickens shooting victim speaks out

PICKENS, Miss. (WJTV) — A young woman is recovering in the hospital after being shot at an apartment complex, in Pickens.

The Yazoo County Sheriff’s Department is calling this a domestic dispute. WJTV spoke with the victim’s mother who says she was there at the time of the shooting- but didn’t know until later that it was her daughter who was shot.
“She said mom I thought I was dead, said Coretta Dennis, mother of the victim. ” She told me ‘Mom I prayed and I told God to let me live.”

Dennis says she’s grateful her 19-year-old daughter, Crystale Lewis, is alive after being shot multiple times.

Dennis says her daughter had just left the Caffey Apartments to make a store run Saturday.

“I heard a bunch of gunshots. I actually leaped over my mom and ran outside because I knew she just went out,” she said.

Dennis said when she went outside she didn’t see her daughter but saw her daughter’s friend with a gun getting into the passenger side of a car and taking off.

“I went to the police station and notified them that there had been a shooting at the apartments and they need to check into it. Not knowing that it was my daughter that was actually shot,” he said.

Dennis says she got the call that her daughter was hurt and that her friend was driving her to the hospital. Yazoo County authorities said an ambulance picked Lewis up on I-55 South.

“When I got to the hospital, he was in the trauma room,” Dennis said. “They immediately rushed her into surgery.”

Lewis was hit badly in her arm, leg and grazed on her stomach, but we’re told she was alert enough to tell investigators what happened.

Dennis says her daughter reported a domestic incident with the same friend from the apartments to Pickens Police on Thursday.

“Maybe if they had picked him up for questioning, none of this would have taken place,” she said.
She said she’s staying by her daughter’s side and encouraging all parents to be more involved in their kid’s lives.
“Tell them you love them because anything is possible to happen at any time.”

We’re told Pickens police are investigating the shooting. WJTV reached out to them Monday for more information, but they haven’t gotten back to us.  Sunday they said no arrests had been made in this case.

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