Natchez Trace Parkway Rangers cracking down on aggressive drivers

Photo: AP Graphics

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Law enforcement officers who patrol the Natchez Trace Parkway are cracking down on aggressive drivers.

Starting December 5, rangers will conduct saturation patrols from I-20 milepost 87 north to Highway 43 milepost 115.

The rangers will observe violations such as reckless driving, tailgating, illegal passing, and speeding. The Parkway will utilize additional rangers from other parks and other areas of the Parkway to concentrate the enforcement efforts.

“The Parkway constantly receives complaints about aggressive drivers in the I-20 to I-55 corridor and north of Old Canton Road to Highway 43 along the Ross Barnett Reservoir. Both unmarked and marked vehicles will patrol the area to strictly enforce the speed limit and go after drivers who disobey the law,” stated Chief Ranger Sarah Davis.

Rangers encourage drivers to report aggressive drivers and commercial tractor trailers to the Parkway Emergency Line at 1-800-300-PARK (7215).

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