Bombing of Pearl Harbor: 75 years ago today

TOKYO (AP) – Seventy-five years ago a Japanese admiral led the attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor.

Today, the mayor of his hometown is joining his Honolulu counterpart to mark the Pearl Harbor anniversary – as friends.

The mayor of Nagaoka, Japan, will lay flowers at the main memorial event and join a smaller ceremony a day later co-organized by Japan and the U.S. for the first time.

Japan’s defense chief has hopes for continued relationship with US

TOKYO (AP) – Japan’s defense chief says she believes her country’s alliance with the United States will endure in the Trump administration because it benefits both countries.

Defense Minister Tomomi Inada was asked about President-elect Donald Trump’s suggestion that Japan build its own nuclear deterrent force.

She says Japan expects to remain under the U.S. nuclear umbrella.

Wednesday is the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

Remains of World War II Soldier Killed in Pearl Harbor Attack Return  Home to Mississippi 



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