UPDATE: Boil water advisory lifted; Initial samples showed E.coli in water

UPDATE: The Mississippi State Department of Health says the boil water alert for this area has been lifted. Click this link to see tips on what to do after a boil water advisory is lifted.

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) –Signs are posted around a Rankin County neighborhood, telling neighbors the Central Rankin Water Association has issued a boil water alert due to water samples that showed E.coli in the water.

The Department of Health said the advisory is for residents who receive their drinking water from the Central Rankin Water Association. They said it’s a small area between Star and Florence.

Neighbor Bobby Lathem says he didn’t even know his home was part of the alert.

“I didn’t notice a thing about it because I’ve been sick and been inside for the last several days and haven’t been nowhere until this morning,” he said.”I went out to get gas, and I noticed the signs.”

The Central Rankin Water Association confirms during testing, three samples were taken, and one of them showed signs of E. coli. The water system consists of three wells with no outside water connections.

“It makes we wonder how’d it get there. I don’t know how unless there’s a breakage or someone’s going up the tank that it would get in there anyway.”

Lathem says this is not the first time he’s had issues with his drinking water.

“It’s very dark looking and has an awful smell,” he said. “They claim one of the pumps went out or something, and we had to call to see if we could get it fixed. But even at four or five days, the water is just brown.”

More than 2,900 customers are under the boil water alert.

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