Opportunity Center Shelter open Thursday, Friday nights due to expected freezing weather

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The City of Jackson is working with Stewpot Community Services to open a shelter due to the expected freezing weather.

City official said the  Opportunity Center Shelter, located at 845 W. Amite Street will be open Thursday and Friday night.

Below is a list of other shelters that will be open:

  •  Matt’s House Women’s Shelter, located at 343 Adelle St., is open to women and women with children. The number is 601-948-2873.
  • The Stewpot Billy Brumfield Shelter, located at 1244 S. Gallatin St., is open for homeless men.  The number is 601-948-2864
  • The Gateway Rescue Mission shelter, located at 328 S. Gallatin St., is also open. The shelter number is 601-944-0409.

City officials said they are also putting together a response plan for water main breaks and water leaks that could occur because of the cold temperatures that are expected. Below is a list of actions that city officials said they will implement:

  • Establishing 12-hour crews to address breaks as they happen, even overnight.
  • Additional dispatch staff, maintenance workers and streamlining communications, starting with routing all calls and reporting issues through 311 to better track locations.
  • Protocols to ensure crews adhere to a check list that includes turning on or off all necessary valves and searching for leaks elsewhere along the line.
  • Prioritization measures to address critical infrastructure and any breaks impacting critical facilities (water tanks/plant, hospitals, senior homes, dialysis centers, day cares/schools nurseries, etc) first, with small leaks caught up when crews are available.

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