Dog found tied to AC unit passes away

Courtesy: Animal Rescue Fund of MS

UPDATE: According to the Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi, Charlie Brown passed away Saturday afternoon.

Here’s the original post from ARF’s Facebook page:

“Well. This is not a post I was expecting to post, and not one I am relishing to post. Charlie Brown’s vet just called me with sad news. Charlie Brown left this earth about an hour ago. This morning he was not wanting to eat for the first time since arrival in the clinic. The vet ran blood work and his white blood count had sky rocketed up over 50,000. He also threw up some necrotic membrane, probably from the nose issues and his temp had gone up. We believe he had become septic from the infection and it took him. He was a fighter, and tried his best. He spent this last week at the vet eating lots of treats, he so loved treats, he had gained 6 pounds! and he loved all the vets, the techs and the kennel workers up there. He had a warm kennel with soft blankets and knew love for the first time ever probably. We at ARF so appreciate all the donations, prayers, shares and concern from all over the world for this poor dog. He did not deserve what happened to him. We hope this will open some eyes to the horrors that animals face at the hands of humans. Dog fighting, animal abuse and cruelty is real. Very real. and horrific.”

“Godspeed to this very sweet dog who did not ask to be placed on this earth. He deserved a better life. He is in pain no more. God has wrapped his loving arms around him and welcomed him home.”

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) –   On December 6, those working with the Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi discovered an abandoned Pit Bull tied to an air conditioning unit.

“He was just curled up in the grass just being quiet just accepting his lot in life. He was just there,” says Executive Director of ARF, Elizabeth Jackson.

They named the dog Charlie Brown. He suffered a knife cut on his nose, a deviated septum and lots of infection. Doctors even feared he wouldn’t make it through sedation.

“A lot of it is the head and front legs where most of the damage is and plus the severe malnutrition,” explains Jackson.

Today Charlie Brown is up and eating well. Doctors determined he’s about two or three years old. Charlie is undergoing treatment at the Animal Medical Center in Jackson.

“He is a very, very sweet and submissive dog, appreciative of any little pat on the head or any little treat you want to give him, very sweet, sweet dog,” says Jackson.

However, there are hundred of Charlie Browns out there, left starving and in the cold. Instead of leaving the dog tied up outside of a shelter, there are other ways to help.

“The best thing is to contact a rescue and coordinate it and make it okay to bring him in. Had this person contacted us and asked us, even though we are full, and we don’t have room, we never do, we would have made an exception to help this dog,” says Jackson.

Since Tuesday, Charlie Brown has gained about two pounds and on the road to recovery.

“It shows a good spirit and a dog that wants to live,” says Jackson. “He’s showing a good spirit, and he’s got a strong stamina, so we’re expecting a full recovery.”

The Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi is in need of donations to help dogs like Charlie Brown. Click on the link to find out how you can help:


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