Buzzards surround home on Oak Creek

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Dozens of buzzards swooped into a Jackson neighborhood and perched themselves on top of homes and in trees.

Neighbors in the area who say they couldn’t believe it.

The vultures were spotted on Oak Creek. Neighbors say they never saw anything like this before.

“I just walked outside, and they were everywhere, and I was wondering why” one neighbor said. “I kind of got scared. I’m not going to lie.”

“It was odd to see them like that and all in the backyard like chickens,” Oble McQuay said, another neighbor.

This is the second day neighbors say the birds have been in the neighborhood.
McQuay said got nervous when he saw them sitting on the home of one of his good friends.

“I saw them over here on their house,” McQuay said. “I said ‘Oh no!” I gotta go see about it, and I went and knocked on her door.”

According to the Pine Wood Audubon Society, the birds are known to migrate, especially in colder weather. The society says the birds can be found almost anywhere year round, not just wooded or rural areas. The birds also travel in packs.

Neighbors say they’ve never seen so many at one time.

The Pine Wood Audubon Society says there is no specific reason as for why the birds chose to land in this neighborhood but say that they are not dangerous.

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