Landlord: City of Jackson losing money due to residents ‘straight piping’ water

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — A Jackson landlord is speaking out about the city’s financial problems. She said the city is losing thousands, all because of those who are straight piping water.

Landlord Suzie Cranston says one of her former tenants was stealing water from the city. She says the meter was being bypassed, meaning the people she was renting to were getting water from the city illegally.

Cranston talked to the city council about investing more in getting people to check water meters more often.

“What concerns me is that the City of Jackson is so concerned about the parking meters and a 50 cent fee,” she said. “What we used to have was called parking meter maids. and they went around and checked the parking meters and make sure you put your quarter or 50 cents in there.”

“But they are not the least bit concerned about the thousand or hundreds of thousands of dollars they’re losing to water meters,” she said.

Last year, two city workers were arrested for stealing water from the city.

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