Jackson City Council puts a pause on paying $429K power bill


The Jackson City Council voted December 13 to table a motion which would have paid the more than $429,000 power bill to Entergy.

The council members want to hold off on paying the company until all street lights are repaired in the capital city.

“Right now we have nine that have not been repaired of the 89, that have been reported to us since December 1. But we’re going to work with the city to see if there are others. There may be others that weren’t reported to us and work to get to the bottom of this and get it resolved to everyone’s satisfaction,” says Entergy spokeswoman Mara Hartmann.

She says Entergy services over 22,000 lights in the city. There are nine reported street lights that are currently out.

“So those nine probably fall within that three-day window or have a little bit of a more serious nature,” says Hartmann. She says Entergy and the city have an agreement to fix a street light within three days it’s been reported.

Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth Stokes pointed to Martin Luther King Junior Street. He claims that only some of the broken street lights repaired.
So what would be the consequence for the city if it doesn’t pay its bill? “We would, I’m sure we’d work it out. I don’t know what that consequence would be. I don’t make those decisions personally, but I don’t think that’s entered one’s mind,” says Hartmann.

The council agrees that the lights help deter crime.

Hartmann says she plans for the power company and the city of Jackson to come to some understanding.

“We have night patrols that are going on right now, and they go down through the main thorough fairs, and they look for lights. Of course, they go at night because we can’t tell during the daytime and they’ll look for those lights, and they’ll flag them, and we’ll get them in the system, and we’ll repair them,” says Hartmann.

If you have an outage or broken street light, you can report it to 1-800-9-OUTAGE.

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