Jackson Neighbors Frustrated Over Water Leak

It was a beautiful day Thursday on Greaves Street in Jackson. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and the leaves were falling. There is just one problem. A water main break that has been flowing out of control for days. With two City of Jackson Public Works Department signs on each side, a pipe is overflowing with water, leading to frustrations running high for the people who own homes in this neighborhood

We talked to a woman who says she called the city three times about the problem, starting Monday.

“We all need to gather together and go to City Hall and sit on the steps, and have them live like this the sad thing about it is that we pay a horrendous amount of taxes here,” She said. “I have not seen a worker truck or nothing, and you can’t help but notice the river that’s going in the gutters down here, and it’s got State Street in a big old puddle.”

the water is bubbling over near the 3900 block of Greaves and snakes its way down the entire length of the street forming a makeshift lake several feet away on state street

Roosevelt Robinson IV is another homeowner in the neighborhood who is dealing with the water.

“It’s sad to say, but it is normal. The sad thing about it is that in Jackson something like this happens and there are no city trucks out here,” Robinson said.  “Like I said we are here you guys are reporting you getting video, but that’s up to make that happen in Flowood, Pearl or somewhere, you would see city trucks. The whole city street would be blocked off.”

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