Local Shelters Prepare for Cold Snap

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A warming trend Saturday morning in our area is a direct contrast to the frigid temperatures we are predicted to plummet into Saturday evening.
“That cold weather is coming, and it’s important that those who are homeless have somewhere to stay,” Jackie Jones, Director of the Matt’s House Shelter said.
Local shelters are preparing ahead of time as organizers say there is always a great need for housing.
“One reason is the meaning of homelessness. If you are sleeping in an abandoned building, if you are sleeping on a park bench, if you are sleeping on somebody’s sleeping on someone’s sofa, and don’t have a place of your own, you are considered homeless,” Jones said.
Other organizations like Gateway rescue mission tell us they have a limited amount of space. However, they plan to accommodate depending on the need.
Last minute Christmas shoppers spent Saturday getting all the can, many telling us they plan to hunker down when the cold front moves in. The dip will be tough for most to bear, especially those with nowhere to go.
“It is very important that people are not out in the cold. You can get frostbite. As a matter of fact, that’s where the name of the Billy Brumfield Men’s Emergency Shelter comes from. A gentleman died from frostbite from being out of the cold. We want to assist people to keep them from people out in the cold. You don’t have to be out there. We have a place for you,” Jones said.

The women’s shelter can be contacted at 601-948-2873.

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