Byram home goes up in flames, leaves family with nothing

BYRAM, MS (WJTV) A family in Byram is picking up the pieces after a fire tore through their home.

Sheritta McCaskill says the family was sound asleep Saturday night until her sound started yelling.

“My son little Charles woke me up saying, Mom the house is on fire.”

The entire family made it out the home safe, but the house went up in smoke.

Charles McCalister, Sheritta’s husband, says nearly a $1,000 worth of Christmas gifts were underneath the tree.

Sheritta says this is tough to handle.

“I’m heart broke right now,” said Sherrita.”It’s Christmas time and  I had just finish Christmas shopping. We have no clothes no shoes no nothing.”

“But I still have my children and I still have my life,” Sherrita added.

If you’re interested in helping the family please call Charles McCaskill at (601) 502-5872




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