Motion denied to postpone trial for Grenada dad charged in hot car death

Judge also denies motion to remove state flag from courtroom during trial

GRENADA, Miss. (WJTV) — A judge denied the motion to delay the trial of a Grenada father charged in the hot car death of his daughter. He also denied a second motion to remove the State flag from the court room during the trial.

Joshua Blunt’s attorney, Carlos Moore said the trial would start on Monday, January 30.

Moore filed a motion for a continuance for because he said his client’s fiancée is experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. He is expected to stand trial for culpable negligence manslaughter in the hot car baby death of his eight-month-old daughter, Shania Carodine.

Also, the judge also denied a motion to have the state flag removed from the courtroom during the trial. Moore said he filed the motion because he didn’t want the flag to cause him or his client added duress.

Moore filed a lawsuit against Gov. Phil Bryant to have the Confederate emblem removed from the state flag. A judge dismissed that lawsuit in September. Moore submitted an appeal in the case, saying that the flag is an unconstitutional vestige of slavery that creates a hostile environment for him and other African-Americans.


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