Triple Murder Victims Remembered in Vigil

JACKSON, Miss. – Bill’s Pawn and Jewelry has been closed since a Saturday triple murder inside the store.
Tuesday night dozens gathered to remember those men who never made it home from work that day.
“It’s terrible to have your friends and associates just snatched from you especially one time like that, it’s bad enough when people die, but when they just get slaughtered there’s no words to describe it,” store manager and friend, Edwin Washington said.

According to police 81-year-old Cleveland “Bill” Mosley was gunned down in the pawn shop he owned on Saturday. We are told by Mosley’s daughter, she found her dad along with his coworkers 77-year-old Ted McLemore and 60-year-old Robert Ivy.
“I just don’t understand it, I really don’t it’s just sad that this happened and bill was a pillar to the community and he was just a good guy, just a good guy and I hate it for him and his family,” customer, James Brown explained.
“I hope they catch the people that did it, like I said earlier Lord have mercy on their souls they need to serve the death penalty and i hope they find them soon,” Mosley’s cousin, Timothy Myrick said.

Among the crowd of friends, family, and customers were city officials who are not pleased with the capital city’s 68 murders this year.
“You had three honest men, making an honest living and two cowards that came and just ended their lives unnecessarily, but it’s like I told the group a minute ago this is not the end but the beginning,” Hinds County Sheriff, Victor Mason explained.

“It should have started before this ever happened, but now we’ve got to do something to let people know that this cannot go on, or we won’t have a city,” Hinds County Supervisor, Robert Graham.

Funeral arrangements for Mosley are set for 2 o’clock Thursday afternoon at Woodland Hills Baptist Church.
We are told services are pending for the other two victims at this time.

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