Sailor Surprises Mom For Holidays

JACKSON, Miss. – There are just four days until Christmas, but today for a Copiah County woman the holiday came early.

Coming home for the holidays is something most of us are able to do, but if you are a military service member it’s not always that easy.

It’s a homecoming Sharlet Collins only wished for.

“You gave me my Christmas gift, oh thank you,” Collins said to her son.

Her wish came true Wednesday night when her son, and Navy 2nd Class Petty Officer landed at the Jackson airport.

“I’ve been praying for this day for like three years, I’ve been…this is the Christmas gift I always wanted,” Collins said.

30-year-old Granterio Short has been overseas serving in Bahrain for more than two years and couldn’t come home until–now.

“It’s been too long since I’ve been home you know and being overseas, a lot of military members don’t get this chance like coming home for Christmas,” Short explained.

“When he told me this Christmas, he was saying I’m trying to come home for Christmas I still didn’t believe him because the last couple of Christmas’ we’ve been without him,” Collins said.

Short is on active duty and tells us for security reasons he didn’t wear his uniform he snuck past our cameras when he got off the plane running straight to his mom.

“I was looking around at everybody else, I was like that’s not his flight, because his flight has three more minutes, he ran out at me–I was like oh wow,” Collins said.

With tears and excitement flowing the Hazlehurst native says he’s thankful to be back for the next two weeks and looks forward to a home cooked meal.

“The food is a little different it’s definitely a culture shock, I can’t wait to get home and just eat some good catfish and some greens and some sweet potatoes and cornbread.”

Short was also greeted in the airport by two of his young nieces he never met before.

On behalf of WJTV we want to thank Navy 2nd Class Petty Officer Short for his service, and we wish his family a Merry Christmas.

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