Community Remembers Slain Store Clerk

BRANDON, Miss. – Brandon police are investigating their first homicide in five years after a clerk was found dead inside his store.

According to Brandon police detectives are working around the clock to find out who killed 48-year-old Swaran Singh.

Just one night after his death those who knew him came together to remember him.

“One of our beloved store owners was gunned down last night, which was a shock to everybody,” community spokesperson, Surinder Singh said.

Brandon police say Swaran Singh was found shot to death inside D’s One Stop Food Mart which he owned.

Swaran Singh Photo Courtesy: Family of Swaran Singh, used with permission
Swaran Singh Photo Courtesy: Family of Swaran Singh, used with permission

A customer found his body in the back storage room when he came in to buy a drink.

“We praying to God to give us strength and wisdom so we can keep on going with our lives,” Surinder said.

A crowd stood together mourning outside Swaran’s shop on Highway 80, the store remains closed now –a makeshift memorial is growing in front.

“The public is praying for the store owner that is a plus-plus for us because we are here to service this community,” Surinder explained.

Brandon police Chief William Thompson says this is the first murder the city has seen since December 2011 he says detectives are working tirelessly to track down Swaran’s killer.

“He was the best person in our community and god maybe short of one good person and he took him that was his creation, and he took him,” Surinder said.

We are told funeral arrangements for Swaran are pending, he will not be laid to rest until the rest of his family travels here from India.

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