Woman behind local restaurant “Mama Hamil’s Southern Cooking” dies

Edith Hamil

MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) — The woman behind the “Mama Hamil’s Southern Cooking” restaurant has died.

Edith Nell Reed-Hamil was 84 years old. She passed away New Year’s Day at her home.

The native of Conecuh, Alabama moved to Jackson in 1966 with her husband and helped start restaurant called Ossie’s Barbeque.

Her family moved to Madison in the 70s and started Hamil’s Restaurant in 1977. It was closed and reopened several times. A new Mama Hamil’s was opened in 2007.

Her funeral is set for noon on Wednesday at Olde Towne Community Church, which is located  at 220 W. Ridgeland Avenue.

Visitation will be  open to the public starting at 10 a.m. and will end at noon.

Donations can be made to the Wesley Biblical Seminary at 787 E. Northside Drive.

Get more information about the history of the restaurant here. 

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