1 percent sales tax commission approves $2M budget to fix McDowell Road Bridge

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) –The Municipal Sales Tax Commission for the City of Jackson held a meeting Wednesday afternoon to give updates on infrastructure projects.

The meeting was held at the Porter Building on S. President Street.

During the meeting, WJTV learned that the commission approved a $2 million budget to fix the McDowell Road Bridge.

The bridge is rated at a 7 out of 100 from the Office of State Aid Road Construction. We’re told that about 11,000 cars generally travel on it every day.

Officials said the City and Program Manager will prepare a Request for Proposals to choose a design consultant. A final selection would require City Council approval before work can began.

A second project was also approved to fixed to make improvements to the Lynch Creek Drainage issues.  The commission agreed to use $680,450 of the 1 Percent Sales Tax funds to help pay for the $2.5 million construction project.  The money would be reimbursed to the City by FEMA.

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