Accused Serial Robber Behind Bars

RIDGELAND, Miss. – The man believed to be tied to several robberies is behind bars tonight thanks to Ridgeland police.

Officers arrested the man today after he robbed a store with pepperspray.

Old Canton road Liquors and Wines was a crime scene around three o’clock Wednesday afternoon after 23-year-old Blessed Adams robbed the store.

“Walked into the store approached the counter placed an order for a bottle of liquor behind the cabinet, the female clerk turned around to get that. as she turned around he peppersprayed her in the face with mace,” Ridgeland Police Chief, John Neal said.

Adams was able to climb on the counter taking all the money from the register.

“We had some alert citizens in the area who saw him run out of the store,” Neal explained. He ran down through several businesses in the shopping center where we saw him get into a gray Dodge Avenger.”

More than a dozen officers were on the look out for Adams when he was spotted leaving a Shell gas station.

“Officers began converging in the area, he noticed that officers were onto him turned into Town and Country Apartments where he jumped out of the car and fled on foot,” Neal explained.

We are told in less than 30 minutes after committing the robbery Adams was in custody, now police believe he could be connected to other robberies including one that happened in Ridgeland in December.

“He is a serial robber in the metro Jackson area we know that Jackson police, as well as Richland, Florence, and probably even Madison police have been looking for him,” Neal said.

Adams is now in the Madison County jail and there is a strong possibility he could be charged in other cities for crimes.

“Mr. Adams did something stupid today he chose Ridgeland to be his last stop and we’ve got a feeling that we’re going to lock him up for quite some time,” Neal said. “This guy has terrorized not only businesses in Ridgeland but in the metro and it’s just something that’s not going to be tolerated by local law enforcement.

Now according to Ridgeland police it could be weeks before Adams sees a judge for his initial court appearance.

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