Family of Scott County inmate killed in crash speaks out

BRANDON,Miss.(WJTV) The family of Stanley Rideout says they are upset about how they were notified of Rideout’s death.

Stanley Rideout was an inmate trusty at the Scott County Jail. Authorities said he stole the keys to a county work truck New Years Day and crashed it. He was ten taken to a hospital.

“no one called or anything,” said Linda Summers Rideout’s niece.

Rideout’s other niece, Natasha Thompson, says an inside source was the first one to tell her that her uncle was in the hospital. She called the Scott County jail to get answers and spoke to booking.

“When I started asking her about it, she was like he was MDOC property and they didn’t have to contact us and they didn’t have to tell us anything,” said Thompson. “How can you call someone property? They’re someone’s child.”

The family doesn’t believe what authorities are saying about Rideout, telling WJTV he had “weekend release”.

“He was coming home on the weekends, I don’t know why he would do something like that if he was coming home on the weekends,” said Summers.

We called and left messages for Scott County Sheriff Mike Lee, we have not heard back.

We also spoke with MDOC. They tell us a chaplain is responsible for contacting the family when an inmate dies. The Rideout family says that didn’t happen.


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