Car burglarized after driver left vehicle on interstate due to icy roads

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The wintry weather and iced over roadways left many drivers stranded over the weekend, and several cars remain on the highway.

WJTV spoke with one person who was forced to leave his car on the side of the road, and when he came back, it had been broken into.

It was an unusually busy weekend for towing companies in the Metro. Icy roads left Interstate 220 and I-55 looking more like a slip and slide. When the ice melted, by Monday morning at least 10 abandoned cars remained in the emergency lanes of major Jackson interstates.

One of which was Shamarrick Butler’s car.

“I made several attempts to have a tow truck come pull me out Saturday nothing ever happened they say the roads were too bad so I called yesterday made several more attempts to get some service out here, couldn’t do it,” he said.

Butler slid off of I-220 Friday night, and when he was finally able to get it towed Monday morning, it had been broken into.

“They stole every piece of equipment that I had wrecked the whole dash stole my battery I left a vehicle that was here there was no damage to come back and thousands of thousands of dollars years of hard work gone down the drain,” he said.

With no security cameras and no leads, Butler knows he will probably never see his things again.

“It’s a sad situation that you work hard for your stuff over the years take care of your stuff, and somebody just wants to make your life a living hell, but that’s the way it goes so,” he said.

He said he’s heard of this happening to other people, so his advice to anyone who leaves their car on the side of the road is to make sure they have insurance.

“That’s why I was so anxious to get it pulled out Saturday morning but of course under the circumstances due to the weather I wasn’t able to get that done,” he said.

Jackson Police said they are granting leniency for anyone who’s vehicle was stuck over the weekend, as long as it isn’t interfering with traffic. Police say, if your car is tagged with a neon sticker, you have a certain amount of time to move your car. That’s usually about 48 hours.

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