Clinton officials release statement about dogs left at foreclosed home

CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) — A woman takes to social media after finding two dogs left in a home, that recently went into foreclosure.

The dogs are both up for adoption now, but the situation started a lot of online speculation that the dogs weren’t being cared for. WJTV 12 is getting you answers on how the city is responding.

Beth Kipp was notified about two dogs seemingly abandoned in a Clinton home, so she took to social media when she felt like she wasn’t getting the help she needed.

“I came here Friday night, Saturday morning, just to see if the dogs were still here because it was so cold, and when I called the police the dispatcher told me I would have to wait for animal control,” she said.

Kipp said each time she came to the house she found one of the dogs tied to a back door of the home and the other in another room. Both inside, with the power shut off, with no access to food or water.

“The first thing I did was call the police,” she said. “When we did come back here on December 23rd, the dog was still here, so we called the police again, and I’m just getting frustrated because seemingly nothing had been done.”

However, City of Clinton officials said that’s not the case. The dogs belonged to a woman who was renting the home. She told the city that she went there during the day, to make sure the dogs were fed. An animal control officer reported seeing her there each time they visited.

The woman renting the home was evicted after the property went into foreclosure. She tells the city that she had to move into an apartment, and couldn’t take the dogs with her. Now she, and the city are hoping to get them adopted.

Below is a statement from city officials about the incident:

Clinton Police responded to a resident complaint of animal neglect at a vacant residence on Amis Court. Upon investigation and contact with the owners, CPD took possession of the dogs and delivered them to the Mississippi Animal Rescue League this morning. CPD placed a no kill hold on the animals.

Following the investigation, it was determined that the actions of the animals’ owner, while irresponsible, did not constitute a violation of criminal statute. CPD’s desired outcome was to assure the welfare of the animals. We are pleased that the animals are in a safe place and will soon find a caring home. Those interested in adopting the dogs should contact the Mississippi Animal Rescue League.

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