Low water pressure due to water main breaks causes problems for some Jackson schools

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Several South Jackson schools are experiencing water issues due to water main breaks throughout the city.

According to Sherwin Johnson, a spokesperson for JPS, said the following schools are being affected:

  • Forest Hill High
  • Wingfield High
  • Whitten Middle
  • Peeples Middle
  • Blackburn Middle
  • Marshall Elementary
  • Wilkins Elementary

Jackson city officials said the issue was caused due to several water main breaks that happened from freezing temperatures this past weekend. We’re told that some residents and businesses may also be experiencing low pressure because of the breaks.

Shelia Byrd, a spokesperson for the City of Jackson, said Tuesday they repaired a 12-inch line break off Highway 80. They said this is one of the larger breaks that was caused to due freezing temperatures.

Johnson said the schools named above either low or no water pressure at all. While repairs are being made by the City of Jackson, a portable water tank is being delivered to the schools for restroom breaks.

He also said that cafeteria employees are making adjustments to the schools’ menus and food preparations. According to JPS, they are setting up ice water stations throughout the affected schools.

We’re told classroom instruction has not been interrupted. JPS said parents had been notified through the District’s phone voice messaging system.

Byrd said as the breaks are repaired, water pressure would increase.

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