Natchez article causes community uproar

NATCHEZ, MS (WJTV) Some people in Natchez believe an article that was published is racist.

The article was published by Miss-Lou Magazine/ The Natchez Sun. And was written by owner Peter Rinaldi.

It suggested that the increase of African-Americans in the area was one cause of crime.

The article reads in part:

“Natchez has become increasingly dangerous in the last eight years. As the population becomes more demographically poor, uneducated, unskilled, and dominantly African-American, the number of shootings has gone through the roof.” 

The article goes on to suggest the city of Natchez should host a “gangbanger’s rodeo” where gangbangers pay to shoot each other at Liberty Park.

“It’s purely racist,” said an upset Earline Collin. “You’re being very discriminatory to the third power.”

“There are just as many whites shooting each other as blacks,” she added.

Gary White believes the article is sickening and a button pusher.

“I feel like he is using his outlet as a way to try and divide this county even more than it is,” said White.

WJTV reached out to White. When we called he told us he would call us back but never did.

His facebook page had a lengthy response to the comments and uproar and apologizes if he offended people and that the article was meant to be a satire.

Collins says that it is too late for sorry.

“My plan is to boycott any of the stores that are affiliated with this paper,” said Collins. “Natchez is 300 years old and you would think by now we would be over this.”




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